Defense Against the Dark Arts (Dark Horse)


Defense Against the Dark Arts (Dark Horse)

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Espresso: Full City Roast

Origin: Haiti

Elevation: 1200 m above sea level

Tasting Notes: hazelnuts and rich cocoa

  • 20 Grams Dose
  • 30 lbs pressure
  • 28 Second pull

Please Note: Our 2lb bag is labeled "Dark Horse" for wholesale purposes, but it is the same bean and roast as the rest of our Haitian "Defense Against the Dark Arts" coffee.

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For all of you espresso (and Harry Potter) lovers out there, this one is for you. A fine blend of our organic Haitian Blue and the Arabica hybrid varietal Maragaturra. These varietals, roasted to a spectrum of Medium to Dark and blended together, create a silky body and a heavy complex shot that will not leave you with a bitter or tangy aftertaste.